Looks like HTC still has a few tricks up their sleeves as the company is launching "Watch", a video on demand (VOD) service. From the description:

"Check out the latest movie trailers for free and rent or buy premium movies and TV shows."

We do wonder how well this can compete with Zune's video service--then again, perhaps this will fill in the regions where Zune is not yet available? At least with Zune though, you can watch the movie on your TV (Xbox), PC and phone for one price, still we're hoping this offers something unique as an alternative.

Of note, the app which can be found in the Marketplace here is Mango-only, so current non-Mango device won't be able to download it. That's fine too because you're not missing much, it looks like HTCs service is still not "on" yet as there are only two trailers available and neither actually work just yet.

via: WMPU