HTC held its London Event today where first speculation had the company showing off the HD3 Windows Phone 7 device. As the event drew closer, speculation turned into wishful thinking.

While it would have been nice to have seen the HD3, there was really no way HTC would unveil a Windows Phone 7 device before Microsoft officially released the OS. So, instead the the London Event turned out to be an Android Event where HTC announce the Desire HD and Desire Z.

While the event made our friends at Android Central happy, the Windows Phone 7 crowd now will turn their attention to October 11, 2010 and New York City. Where it is expected that Microsoft and its partners will introduce Windows Phone 7 (and all the soon to be available devices) to the world.

Asides from the new phones, there was one other interesting announcement.  HTC announced they were working on Much like Microsoft's MyPhone, provides online backup of data and security features (remote wipe, lock, etc.).

Right now, it looks as if this will be an Android feature and won't make it to Windows Phone 7 or the tons of HTC Windows Phones in circulation that are running Windows Mobile.  Still, there is the remote possibility a creative chef will find a way to incorporate into a custom Windows Mobile ROM.