HTC Maps

HTC, much like Samsung, has been targeted by not only ourselves, but consumers too. The companies have been in the heat of complaints when it comes to lack of support for Windows Phone, when compared to Nokia. We'll attempt to not sound like a broken record, but it's long been the case where Nokia has pushed the platform forward, with Samsung and HTC (as well as other manufacturers) taking more of a back seat approach. 

Despite what we all may think of HTC, the company may yet show consumers that the towel hasn't been thrown in when it comes to Windows Phone. The news website Windows Phone Italy has contacted sources familiar with HTC plans in Taiwan and have learnt that the company is looking at a navigation solution for its family of Windows Phones. Could we see the first sign of the company looking to match its unique hardware with software?

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It's unclear whether or not this service will be developed from the ground up, or will build on top of the existing HTC Locations app, which is no longer available (for Windows Phone 8 devices). Unfortunately, the news website does not currently have details on progress made, or when we can look to see such a service launched on the platform. As well as this, it's unknown whether HTC will offer the mapping service for free to compete with Nokia's HERE platform.

While there are many questions still in the air, we'll keep our eyes open for more details to come to light, but should HTC start supporting Windows Phone hardware with new OEM apps, we can only see this as a positive move that consumers will view as a bonus when looking at HTC smartphones. If the company can build a catalogue that almost matches what Nokia has in the collection of OEM apps on the Windows Phone Store, HTC could see a boost in Windows Phone sales and following.

Source: Windows Phone Italy