Having your finger on the pulse of Windows Mobile news is a blessing... until it's a curse. Making the rounds this afternoon is the HTC Magnum, supposedly revealed in an exclusive hands-on given to PocketPT from the fine folks at HTC. Now, PocketPT hit us with some great Windows Mobile 6.1 screenshots last week, so it's not like these guys are just merry pranksters. On the other hand, the idea that such a gigantic device would actually see production is so far fetched that you'd have to give Lassie some steroids to retrieve it (get it? far-fetched... moving on).

In any case, the Magnum supposedly will sport an 11-inch OLED screen, 800MHz processor, an 80gig hard drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 30 hours of battery life. Our take: this has got to be some sort of demo unit for HTC to show off their customizations that they'll add to Windows Mobile 6, a demo unit they'll be using at the Mobile World Congress next week. We shall see.

Either that or it's a great snow job - take a look at the video after the break, proving that if nothing else there's a working copy of Windows Mobile 6 Pro with some HTC add-ons on this beast.

Update: Surur confirms in the comments that it's just a display that has been attached to the video-out of a standard WM device. Ah well, it was fun when it lasted.

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