AppleInsider (of all places) has put two and two together figuring out that HTC makes roughly 80 percent of all Windows Mobile devices out there. How they got to that number is they took Microsoft's report of 50 million WinMo devices sold over the lifetime of the platform, and HTC's claim that its has  sold 40 million WinMo devices worldwide= 80 percent.

That doesn't sound too far off the mark (give or take a little) considering that HTC, while only recently starting marketing its devices independently, still makes a large portion of devices for other companies, e.g. Palm's Treo Pro, T-Mobile Shadow, Xperia X1, etc.

Still this begs the question: Is this a good thing for the industry? Sure, HTC has done wonders for WM as it's one of the few companies who continually release new and innovating devices. But generally speaking, are (near) monopolies good for competition? Unfortunately, other companies (including Palm and Motorola) have been unable to launch widely successful Windows Mobile phones or maintain a consistent, innovative lineup (both can be considered one-hit wonders), so in a way HTC is just filling a gap left open by others as opposed to unfair or predatory competition.

But enough pontificating on our part, what say you? Think that number will change in 2009/2010?