Some bits about the Omni rumors that hit over yesterday's holiday - 1) I used to think that artistic renderings of this sort were basically unreliable, but I've come around and so I think we're going to see a device that looks very much like this image. 2) It's going to be super small for what is going to be built-in, although sadly not thinner than the HTC Advantage. Just not as wide. 3) How long before video-out is standard on smartphones? 4) In the leaked HTC roadmap last month (the reliability of which I'm still not sold on), there was no mention of the Omni. 5) Oh, yeah, the specs are as hot as the device is cool-looking. Creating the relevant hot/cool pun is left as an exercise for the reader.

HTC Omni specs that we know about today are: - Windows Mobile 6.0 OS - UMTS/HSDPA connectivity - WVGA 4″ 800×480 px display, subdisplay - TV and VGA out - 256 ROM, 1280 RAM and microSD memory card slot - Wi-Fi b/g, USB and Bluetooth connectivity - GPS/A-GPS - Full QWERTY keyboard - Dimensions: 130 x 81 x16 mm

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