HTC has sent out press invites for an August 19th event where many are expecting to see the HTC One M8 running Windows Phone. Otherwise known as the HTC One W8.

While all of this is still speculation, some are seeing the possibilities of a 5-inch Super LCD3 Windows Phone with Gorilla Glass 3 and an aluminum house as rather enticing. But is it enough to lure you away from the sleek build of the Lumia line of Windows Phones?

According to a reader's poll we conducted back in March asking that very question, 85.2% of the 4,100+ who responded that they would want the HTC One with Windows Phone 8.1.

More recently, we are seeing a few WPCentral Forums discussions sprouting up on the subject (such as the one linked below) that bears a more mixed reaction.

Some are interested but would need additional features such as Qi wireless or an improved camera. Others are waiting to see which carriers pick up the phone and some seem swayed towards the One by the HTC notification LED.

Personally, while it will be nice to see HTC re-join the Windows Phone line-up it goes beyond the hardware. I'm sure the HTC One will be a solid device but HTC has to kick it into gear and support the platform beyond just slapping it on an existing smartphone frame.

HTC let the 8X fall by the waist side and hopefully if the HTC One W8 is announced, it will see more support. The One W8 would be a hell of a start but it cannot sell itself.

But what say you? Is the prospects of the HTC One W8 strong enough to give HTC another chance at the Windows Phone market? Can it pull you away from the Lumia line of phones?

Feel free to sound off below in the comments or head over the WPCentral Forums to share your thoughts.