I know, I know, it's not right for me to keep writing about Apple-related stuff on a Windows Mobile site, but it's a slow news day. So: when Jobs intro'd the "iPod Touch" my first thought was "Hm, I have an HTC Touch in my pocket right now. How's that gonna work out?" Apparently, it's gonna work out just fine. HTC does indeed own a worldwide trademark on "Touch" for a handheld device and could, if they were so inclined, get sue-happy. That does appear to be in the cards, however:

Ching-hung Wang (transliterated from Chinese), marketing manager of HTC pointed out that he does not think Apple's iPod touch was targeting HTC since Apple should put its focus on bigger companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. As for whether iPod touch violates HTC's trademark, Wang pointed out that in the past Apple and Cisco were able to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement over the rights to the iPhone trademark, adding that the question surrounding the rights to the Touch trademark would need further observation.

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Two thoughts: HTC, I know you want to be humble and all, but you're a plenty big enough target for Apple (or anyone else, for that matter), no need to be so modest. Also, and I'm just saying here, name me a single person who equates "iPhone" with "Cisco" in any way, shape, or form.


I'm waiting.

Right. So, in the vein of "no press is bad press," I say take it to 'em, HTC. Like I said at the outset of this post, it's a slow news day and I'd love to see some action.