There are a few surprises, though nothing earth-shattering, in this PDF of upcoming HTC Windows Mobile Devices. I wasn't expecting a CDMA version of the HTC Touch, much less one that includes EVDO Rev A with gpsOne.

Also new (to me, anyway) is the HTC Iris (s620), a Standard-edition CDMA phone with standard-edition specs, and the Volans, which appears to be the HTC Wings, aka the 3G successor to the disappointing* HTC S710/HTC Vox. And pictured at right is the Shangri-La, the slide-and-fold-up super-PPC (which will succeed the HTC Advantage). Had enough code names yet? Me too.

I put the question mark in the title there because a) the source site looks pretty new (even compared to us!) and b) the PDF slides look a little off to my eyes. On the other hand, all the info looks spot-on, so take my grain of salt with a grain of salt.

Read: CTI Miami's Blog via BGR

*(What?! Disappointing you say? ...I'll explain in my review on Monday.)