This morning we posted a few new device names that have been documented using the app "I'm a WP7". Those devices include the HTC Ultimate, HTC Radar 4G and the Samsung Haden.

While looking at Elbert Perez's stats for his collection of 13 games, we can at least verify that the HTC Radar 4G pops up there as well, lending more credence to the idea that this device is real. Once again, it's not too difficult to imagine such a device--just pop in a new Qualcomm chipset for the 4G and you're good to go. And since Mango supports 4G, this is a no brainer for US markets.

The big question of course is who is this for: T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon? We're now thinking T-Mobile as we remembered this post.

Source: Occasional Gamer