HTC has released its audited Q2 2012 earnings report today, which keep in line with unaudited results we touched on last month. According to the report, HTC generated revenues of NT$91.04 billion (~$3.04 billion), while net income sat at NT$7.4 billion (~$247 million) between March and June this year. The company's gross margin was 27.01% with an operating margin of 9%. 

HTC expects a tough Q3 and we will be looking out for further decreases in revenue, profit and operating margins in the next financial report. Revenues are expected to be in the region of NT$70-80 billion, with a gross margin and operating margin of 25% and 7% respectively. Should the handset maker continue to dwindle slowly south in the third quarter of this year, it'll paint a rather bleak picture compared to the height of success back in Q3 2011, with reported revenues of NT$135.82 billion (~$4.53 billion).

Perhaps if HTC focused more resources on building Windows Phones -- and promoting the devices once launched -- they could see a slightly stronger turnover on the platform. With Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 just around the corner, both (along with the Xbox 360) with integrate further with Microsoft's mobile platform, it could prove to be a strong opportunity for the company to prepare for its release. Android is a proven battleground with OEMs struggling to build ground with the likes of Samsung. We're sure everyone would welcome further support from HTC here at Windows Phone Central.

What do you guys think about the situation HTC is beginning to find themselves in? Do you believe Android is still the sole focused future of the company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

via: Android Central