HTC One M8

It's a bad day for those who own HTC Windows Phones with access to the manufacturer's Sense TV app. The company has released an update to the app (that's the only good news here), but has added an alert that details plans for the service to shut down come April 30.

According to a few tips sent in by readers, the latest release (version implements the new warning, as well as a few bug fixes. For those unfamiliar with the app, HTC Sense TV turns your HTC smartphone into an interactive TV remote, taking advantage of the IR blaster.

There's currently no word on what HTC will offer instead of Sense TV, or whether or not the company will offer Peel. HTC's Sense TV app was essentially a branded version of Peel for Windows Phone and Android users. And the M9, HTC's latest Android phone, uses the regular Peel app instead of Sense TV. We'll be sure to let you all know should we learn more at a later date.

You're still able to download the app, but we can't imagine the listing will be publicly available for much longer, especially given the Android version is already being phased out by Peel.

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Thanks to Colby and Russell for the tips!