iFixit has a healthy reputation for tearing down electronic devices to reveal what's under the hood. They recently turned their sights on the HTC Surround.

In removing the lower inner casing, you can see various pressure contacts, the SIM Card slot and a foiled covered microSD expansion slot that we had suspected was present. Peel back the foil and you see the Sandisk 16gb card nestled securely in the expansion card slot.

The tear down also confirmed our overall impression of the HTC Surround.  It's a well built, solid Windows Phone.  The slide mechanism is solid and the compact, layered, hardware helps keep things slimmed down.  Commenting on the tear down of the Surround, iFixit made the following conclusion.

We gave the HTC Surround a mid-pack repairability score of 5 out of 10. It's relatively easy to remove the rear case to replace the battery, but that's where the fun stops. You'll have to void your warranty to take anything else out, and it's very difficult to access the front panel and LCD if you'd like to replace it.

So while it's interesting to see what the Surround looks like broken down, it's nothing we'd recommend doing. It is nice to see the microSD card slot revealed. While it's tempting to see if a larger card would work, we'll stick with our original thought. If HTC wanted us to have access to the slot, they would have made it easier to get to.

Source: iFixit