While the Samsung Focus has an openly accessible microSD card slot, it appears it will take some effort to get to the HTC Surround's.  Perhaps even more difficult than we saw with the HTC HD7.

When you remove the battery cover, you'll see the SIM card slot and next to it a metal cover that's just about the right size for a memory card. The cover is secured by the phone's backing that is riddled with tiny screws with "VOID" stickers covering them.  You also have several metal tabs/hooks that pinch into the backing to help hold it in place plus, what appears to be, a plastic rivet holding things down as well.  On top of all that, there's no mention of accessing the microSD card slot in the User's Manual.

While I'm sure some creative minds will find a way to disassemble the Surround and expose the microSD slot, a few thoughts come to mind:

  • If HTC wanted us to have access to the slot, they would have made it easier to get to
  • Even though you could probably disassemble/reassemble the Surround you void the warranty and there's no guarantee it will accept another card
  • As secure as the Surround's backing appears to be, you run the risk of damaging something.  Making re-assembly all the more difficult.

While it would have been nice to see an openly accessible expansion slot, I'm sure 16gb's of memory will be plenty for most users.