HTC has always been a big partner of Microsoft. They’ve been onboard with Windows Phone since the beginning in 2010, but the history goes back deeper than that. They started out making devices for other companies (running Windows Mobile) and took off when they started to produce devices under their own name. With the upcoming ‘Blue’ update across a variety of Microsoft platforms it’s becoming harder and harder for OEMs to build a Windows Phone and not have a corresponding tablet running Windows 8 to complement it.

NPD DisplaySearch, a market research and consulting firm, believes that HTC is working on a tablet running Windows 8.

Analysts at NDP DisplaySearch propose the suspect a display made by LG at 10.1 inches and with a full HD display (1920 x1080 / 218 pixels per inch). They go onto speculate that the device would be assembled by Pegatron and think production already began in the first quarter.

While we don’t like to speculate on the inner thoughts of an analyst too much, this one was too hard to pass up since a lot of you like HTC and would probably like a tablet from them. What would you want to see in a device from HTC?

It’s totally possible that production has already began on the device. Build is coming up at the end of June in San Francisco and Microsoft typically gives out smartphones and tablets for developers to begin development of applications. That means we might not see a new Surface product till later in the year.

It’s becoming increasingly harder for companies like HTC and Nokia to ignore the tablet space. Both companies have been rumored to have tablets in the pipelines (and some even officially acknowledging their existence).

What do you guys think?

Source: Focus Taiwan; via

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