With sales of the HTC 8X evidently doing fairly well, it would seem obvious that the company would experiment with other colors—after all, California Blue, that fire engine red, Limelight yellow and black are all quite popping. Heck, we’ve even seen a grey/yellow “employee edition” of the 8X previously.

HTC have posted on their official Twitter account a simple photo with the headline “Sometimes you just need to tune it all out. Let us help.” With an accompanying image of a boy “tuning out” the people around him while he listens to what appears to be a red HTC 8X. The two females meanwhile are passing what appears to be a white HTC 8X—a colors scheme heretofore unseen to the public.

We've seen grey before so why not white?

So, the question: is this really an HTC 8X (as opposed to One X or M7) and is it something we’ll see? To the first question, looking at the flash placement and rounded corners, it certainly does look like an 8X. Then again, the soon-to-be-announced M7 is basically a larger 8X with the same design—one difference being flash placement, which does not match here. For that question, yes, this seems to be a white HTC 8X Windows Phone.

Whether or not we’ll actually see this or it is just a prototype is another question. With reports of the soft touch paint wearing off or getting dirty for current 8X users, we shudder to think what an all-white version would look like after a few months of usage. But then again, white is the new black for smartphones, so anything is possible.

Source: HTC (Twitter); via GSM Arena; Thanks, Liam C., for the heads up