What are they hiding? 

HTC will have a big day tomorrow here in New York as they unveil their new Windows Phone 8 devices to the media, so it behooves them to tease us just a tad by showing us the corner of one of their new phones via their Facebook page.

The line "When beautiful hardware meets stunning software."  is given along with the image and dare we say, we know what they're talking about.

HTC will impress people tomorrow, we're confident in that. While they may not get as many accolades as Nokia, we think what they have to show will outshine Samsung with ease . That only means one thing: Greater choice for customers within a few weeks for new WP8 handsets.

In fact, we're genuinely excited to show you what HTC has to offer.

Edit: Don't read anything into the time in the picture above guys, every press shot you'll ever find of a HTC phone has the time set to 10:08. It comes from market research that says analog clock faces look like they're smiling when set to 10:08, HTC even blogged about it here.

Stay tuned tomorrow at 11am ET for the big reveal, as Windows Phone Central will be covering the event live and on location.