Any price drops on the HTC Titan?

Now that AT&T has the new Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II Windows Phones the question some may have is, "Are there any deals on the HTC Titan?"  

With the launch of new Windows Phone, it's not odd to see price drops on yesterday's models. Sometimes the price reductions make the off-contract price more appealing to avoid being tied down to a two year contract.  HTC has a strong consumer following and I can see the appeal of upgrading from the HTC Surround to the Titan while saving a little in the process.   We did a little looking around to see if the off-contract pricing has fallen any.

You can still find deals on the Titan for as low as a penny but that's with a two year contractual obligation. AT&T is still offering the Titan for $549.99 off contract and $199.99. At that pricing point you might as well get the Titan II.

AmazonWireless however has the Titan listed at $349.99 off contract and $.01 with the two year stint. Taking a look at Ebay's Buy it Now listings, the lowest list price for the Titan is $269.99.

On the European side of things, is offering the Titan for €299.95  (about $396 USD).  Expansys is offering the Titan for £274.99  (about $445 USD) which is down from £449.

Not sure if prices will get any better for the Titan or any of the other "older" Windows Phones, but if you've seen a steal of a deal on the HTC Windows Phone, share it in the comments.

Thanks, Stacey and Mark for the tip!

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