Gearlog has made it official - the HTC Vogue (the CDMA version of the Touch) is coming to Sprint, and it's being called the Sprint Touch. Yay for keeping names the same!

Specs are as we expected:

  • EVDO
  • 400mHz processor

What's new is that the TouchFLO cube is going to be "nerfed" - by which I mean ruined by replacing some of the useful shortcuts with Sprint-specific stuff: IM, communications manager, SMS, software store and mailbox. Ok Ok, most of that stuff is useful, but I like having links to Tasks and Calendar on the TouchFLO cube, replacing one of them with "software store" makes me mad. Fortunately, folks have figured out how to gleamhack the cube to make it do what you want. Here's some good news, though, they're including better software keyboard options.

Also, apparently, the EVDO is upgradable to Rev A and when that happens the gpsOne chip will work with telenav. Could we actually be getting a gpsOne device with a gpsOne chip that isn't broken by evil carriers? Somehow I doubt it, it's more likely it will be similar to the recent broken-by-AT&T-GPS on the Blackberry 8820. In other words - the gpsOne chip will finally be useful, but only if you pay for crap services you shouldn't have to pay for. Telenav be gone, Windows Live Search is just as good.

One last bit - might this new Touch help Sprint deal with the iPhone? I know I prefer it, see part 1 and part 2 of the Touch vs. iPhone Smackdown