Over the weekend, Malatesta gave unto us the full specs of the HTC Touch Diamond. The leaks for the Diamond and Raphael (aka the HTC Touch Pro) put us into a frenzy and in that frenzy we guessed that HTC's May 6th “mystery event” in London would be about releasing “something beautiful” -- and the Diamond definitely fits that description.

Now the Taipei Times [via Engadget Mobile] has managed to listen in on a few key quotes from HTC financial executive Cheng Hui-ming at an investor's conference:

[HTC] expects revenues this year to grow more than 20 percent year-on-year, helped by sales of its new “Touch” phone next month. [...] “This is the most important product for HTC this year,” Cheng said. “With this phone, we’re confident of landing orders from most major operators.” But Cheng also warned of possible delays in shipments, as HTC has yet to obtain certification for the new handset model.

So there ya go - we're getting a big old announcement on May 6th but we might not actually get a chance to see these devices for quite awhile.

On a side note, did you notice those three exclamation points in Malatesta's spec article? The rumored battery is to be 900mAh. That's just this side of microscopic -- here's to hoping HTC not only comes through with the hoped-for full-VGA resolution on these screens, but also that they have a magic wand to make them incredibly low-power.