While sketchy, we are seeing indications that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 may be available in mid-April (emphasis on "may") for the Europe and Asian markets. Uberphones is reporting a retail listing (Expansys.com) that shows the Touch Diamond 2 available on April 19 at at the modest price of 424.99 pounds (a touch over $608 in U.S. dollars). This is about $100 more than the pre-order price we discovered the latter part of February. And if you're thinking about picking one up this way, don't expect it to have the U.S. 3G bands.

It's not the strongest source for a release date, but it is in the ballpark and may be a good indication that we'll see the Touch Diamond 2 in the States shortly thereafter. While we wait for more signs of seeing this new phone come to market, we'll also hope that a carrier picks up the Diamond 2 and takes a bite out of the price tag via contractual discounts. 

Need a little more enticement on the Diamond 2?  Follow the break for a revealing hands-on video that we ran across.

Pocketnow.com is running a video of the HTC Diamond 2 that pda.pl captured during a recent visit to HTC.  Please be warned, there's no narration but plenty of cheesy '80s techno music. And is that a proximity sensor on the upper right corner of the face that will turn the screen back on when you pull the phone away from your ear?

And is the reset button underneath the stylus? Or is the little hole on the bottom the reset and the slanted hole the microphone? This is definitely one interesting phone.

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