Update x2: The pages are back up! Here the Touch 3G page and here's your Touch HD page.

Update: The site, she's gone. Head on over to Engadget for some more pics.

Go, bask in the glory of the HTC Touch HD, which was previously leaked last week. Yes, friends, we have multiple angles and the full specs:

  • 3.8 inch, 480x800 screen
  • TouchFLO 3D
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 512 MB ROM, 288 MB RAM
  • 4.35“ x 2.5” x .47“
  • Quad-Band GSM, 3G in Europse/Asia (no US)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS
  • microSD
  • 1350 mAh Battery

Hot. There's a phrase that we've always been gun-shy about using, but here we go anyway: iPhone Killer. Go on and check out the full photo gallery.

Want more? Ok, the HTC Touch HD the website isn't fully finished, yet - click on ”Product Tour“ to get a glance at the ”HTC Touch 3G“ which comes in a ”modern, lightweight shape“ and ”a range of hot colors.“ This looks to be an entirely new Touch -- it has the look of the Touch Dual on the front and boasts 3G, unlike the recently leaked Opal / Viva. This sounds quite a bit more like that device that we hinted at in the podcast, too. (This 'addition' to the website makes us wonder if maybe this shouldn't have gone up just yet.)

So: Touch 3G for people with small hands, Touch HD for those who want big screens, Touch Diamond ...how is it you're already getting passed up? HTC sure can crank out them phones. When the Touch HD and Touch 3G actually will be cranked out and at what price is anyone's guess.

via Engadget