MSMobiles is reporting from a reliable source that the HTC TyTN II (aka the "Tilt") is scheduled to get a new ROM update that will include "...improved graphics drivers and will offer improved performance".

What is more exciting is that this update is planned for this month and possibly even next week. (For those needing a refresher on the topic, click here for past coverage).

Yowzers. Though, fyi we're taking this with a huge grain of salt, so don't get those torches and mob ready just yet.

The potential bad news? This is only for unbranded HTC TyTN II devices, meaning the AT&T Tilt won't be included, for whatever reason (we're betting it has to do with this: money and who pays).

While unfortunate and inconvenient, at least it may be possible for the prominent hacker community to rip the driver for those unlucky owners of branded devices. Stay tuned.

However, what may be even worse, if true, is this quote from MSMobiles:

HTC is not not (!) preparing in near future updates for any other phones that might have these graphic issues.

Probably not what anyone wants to hear. Hopefully details will follow as pressure mounts on HTC if any of this pans out to be accurate,

We'll await for an official HTC response though for our final judgement.