If you live in Brazil and you've been itching for the HTC Ultimate aka Titan, you'll be pleased to know it's now available (though limited supply) on Vivo for R$1,800 (about $1,000 USD), just as we reported earlier.

The 4.7" Windows Phone Mango device is one heck of a first for the country and should make a lot of new customers happy. Gizmodo Brazil has some hands on with the phone and seem quite impressed with both the hardware and OS (who can blame them?), noting that the 1.5GHz CPU makes the OS very fast. They also noted the quality of the screen was also top notch--not iPhone Retina great but up there, nonetheless.

Only complaint is a common one: the Marketplace is very limited, with only a few games available. Microsoft evidently responded to the criticism:

"In that first moment, we have 10 games in the franchise available on Xbox LIVE marketplace Brazil by the end of October. Microsoft wants to bring more titles, but as is necessary to follow the Brazilian legislation indicative classification, cash will not be simultaneous to the United States."

So all in all a pretty solid launch, but there's certainly room for improvement on the services side. Check the hands on video after the break for some eye candy.

Source: Gizmodo Brazil