Although we have yet to confirm that HTC and T-Mobile have begun to roll out the GDR2 OS update along with new corresponding firmware, we can tell you that it is imminent. HTC have now updated their support page for the device, specifically the US T-Mobile version, with information about the new update.

The update is said to bring the following changes:

  • Windows Phone 8 GDR2 QFE1 software update
  • Bug fixes

Those are some vague descriptions, though we know things like Data Sense, FM Radio and improvements to Xbox Music should be on board as well. Doing this update will bump the firmware from 1532.20.10012.502 to 3030.0.31603.531, which is a pretty large change.

Windows Phone Central reported that T-Mobile was set to push out this update yesterday, July 22nd and indeed, HTC’s page has that date as well. Having said that, most users in our forums did not yet get the OS change, meaning things may be on a temporary hold. A handful of isolated users have experienced some stability issues with the latest update though it is unclear if that will have an effect on distribution.

We’ll update this post or announce in a separate post if the update is live later in the day, otherwise let us know in comments your status or head to our forums.

Source: HTC; Thanks, Juggalo P., for the tip!