If you love Windows Mobile, you probably love HTC. The company has done more than any other to innovate on the Windows Mobile platform, consistently releasing a dizzying array of new models and new form factors year after year. HTC's United States HQ in Bellevue, Washington has an open office right now, though, as the man in charge there resigned earlier this month:

Todd Achilles, the face of HTC Americas in the United States and throughout the Americas, resigned about a month ago, a company spokesperson said.

The smartphone vendor is actively pursuing candidates to replace Achilles, said Jason Gordon, an HTC spokesman.

Read: RCR Wireless News via Engadget Mobile

I doubt we'll see any serious repercussions, though that's not to say that Achilles hasn't been an important force in the company. As the linked article mentions, Achilles appears to have been big on innovating by helping HTC release devices that aren't strictly Windows Mobile - HTC Shift anyone? Here's a suggestion for the replacement guy: You can quit pretending HTC is a tiny niche player and start throwing your weight around. Your first opportunity: force carriers to name the devices consistently, so I can stop referring to your gadgets with slash after slash after slash. HTC Tilt / 8925 / Kaiser, I'm looking at you.