We reported a couple weeks ago that Verizon would see the Vox and it looks like Boy Genius has confirmed it. Looks to be coming in October with the specs we expec(t):

  • EVDO (upgradable to Rev A)
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • 128 RAM, 64 ROM
  • Ridiculously bad name

That last spec, maybe I added it. It's going to be called the UTStarcom SMT5800. Somebody tell me who at UTStarcom is wielding that ugly stick. First they make the device uglier than the Vox (click the thumb at right to see it) , then they saddle it with "SMT5800?" I already made fun of them for rebranding the Mogul the "XV6800," now this. Imagine:

  • "Hey, that's a neat a neat phone. What is it?"
  • "It's my Vox."
  • "Sweet. What's it do?"


  • "Hey, that's a neat phone. What is it?"
  • "It's my UTStarcom SMT5800."
  • "Whoa, hey, I think your pocket protector might be leaking."

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