Five Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC are rumored to have found homes with various wireless carriers.

Conflipper is reporting that the HTC Gold_W is headed to Sprint (the "_W" refers to "World phone" i.e. CDMA & GSM, like the Touch Pro 2), the HTC Schubert and Mondrian are headed to Telus (Mondrian going to Rogers as well), and the HTC Spark_W is being picked up by Bell Mobility and Verizon. Finally, another device, HTC Scorpio aka HTC Olympian is also going to Verizon/Bell Mobility.

The speculation on the carriers is likely based on carrier codes much like our earlier report that the Moderian was headed to AT&T.  While we are familiar with the Mondrian, the other phones are a bit of a mystery.  As we pick up more on these phones, we'll pass it on.