HTC is believed to be working on a new Windows Phone, according to reports. It's said the upcoming device will not be a complete re-hash of the HTC One, a popular Android handset, but it will take some cues from the metal flagship smartphone.

We're supposedly looking at a screen size between 4 and 5 inches and will be constructed with a body made from metal. Beats Audio and Windows Phone GDR3 are said to also be included. If this is the case then this rumour could be a while off, if true.

Neowin's source states that the HTC Windows Phone is expected to be announced in the fall and will arrive later in the year. While not confirmed, HTC could also be using its Ultrapixel technology for the camera too. We've previously commented in the past how we'd very much like to see HTC simply load Windows Phone 8 on its Android flagship and we'd be happy bunnies, but if we were to see a more serious launch from the company, all the better.

We're already beginning to see GDR2 hardware with the Lumia 925, but it's interesting to see what we could be experiencing later in the year (or when Microsoft eventually releases the GDR3 update). Microsoft is expected to introduce support fr 1080p displays and quad-core processors on Windows Phone 8, which HTC could take full advantage of.

Source: Neowin