PCMag got their hands on HTC's latest additions to the WP7 family, the Titan and Radar, and ran some benchmarks on them.  The phones were put through their paces using Browsermark and Sunspider for web-browsing benchmarks and the caveman cart-racer, Cro-Mag Rally, for gaming and video performance. 

The Titan, with its mammoth 4.7" display and 1.5Ghz processor, is the flagship HTC WP7 phone, while the Radar will presumably be a more "cost-sensitive" option.  The difference between the two was clear in the tests.  Let's go to the numbers.

On the browsing front, the Titan scored 32771 in Browsermark, with the Radar only clocking in at 21026.  In Sunspider, the Titan was at 66.03, compared to the Radar's 94.40.  it's important to note here, that with Sunspider, the lower the score, the faster the performance.  PCMag says that while the two new HTC devices still trail the top Android 2.3 performers in the browsing benchmarks, they are still significantly better than their pre-Mango predecessors.  A Samsung Focus with NoDo installed clocked in at a measly 6903 in Browsermark, and couldn't even make through a  Sunspider 0.9.1 test.

When it comes to the video tests, the benchmarks were less scientific.  The Titan ran Cro-Mag Rally smoothly, with a noticiably higher frame rate, whereas background graphics on the Radar were "a bit jerky compared to the Titan."  While stat geeks may want to see some concrete numbers, the eye test sums it up.

The Titan and Radar are a nice pair of phones that cover different wants/needs and price points.  While they may be the first of the HTC Mango phones, they surely will not be the last.  We cannot wait to see what else they have in store.

Source: PCMag