Now that I’ve got my AT&T Fuze, I’ve been searching the web for various tweaks, tools, and toys that will add a little zip to the Fuze. I ran across hTorch over at and Fuze Mobility, which sparked my interest.

You can find the application over at XDA Developers which essentially turns the light on your Fuze’s (HTC Touch Pro as well) camera into flashlight. The application allows you to set the intensity of the light as well as turning off the display to avoid backlighting. It’s an interesting application that gives you a convenient light source when all you have is your Fuze. The one caution in using hTorch is that when you turn the flashlight on, it stays on until you turn it off. There is no timeout feature.

If you can't find the application once you install it, look in the "Accessories" folder in the "Programs" menu. The convenient way to use the application is to add it to the Programs Tab in TouchFlo. hTorch definitely puts the Fuze and Touch Pro in a different light (get it?).