Huawei Ascend W2

Several months after China-based Huawei said they were putting their future Windows Phone hardware development 'on hold', one of the company's executives is making a rather bold claim. In a new interview, Huawei's Joe Kelly, the head of its international media affairs, says, "We didn't make any money in Windows Phone. Nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

The fact that Huawei claims that it did not make money with its two Windows Phone products, the Ascend W1 and Ascend W2 (our review), was first reported in August. That's when when Richard Yu, the head of Huawei's consumer business group, told The Wall Street Journal, "It wasn't profitable for us. We were losing money for two years on those phones."

However, Kelly's new statement that no one has made money on Windows Phone, as he told the Seattle Times, is a rather more difficult claim to prove. It's more than possible that his words represent some sour grapes on Huawei's part. Microsoft has been trying to add many more OEMs to join the Windows Phone ecosystem with incentives that include making Windows Phone itself free on devices smaller than nine inches. It also launched a hardware partnership with Qualcomm that allows OEMs to use a basic reference design for making their Windows Phones, along with allowing them to place the OS on phones made for Android first, as HTC did with its recent HTC One for Windows.

Is Kelly's statement an accurate one or is Huawei just trying to save some face?

Source: Seattle Times via Fierce Wireless