Huawei WP

The handset maker Huawei, or "Who are we?" - no one seems to know when it comes to Windows Phone, was supposed to be revealing new Windows Phones for China with Microsoft's recent Windows Phone launch in the country, according to a report by Digitimes. Unfortunately this fruit never ripened and we were left wandering whether or not the company had dropped support for the platform.

Fast-forward a few months and WPDang is now attempting to shed some light on the situation of the OEM. According to the site's sources, Huawei has been distracted by their Android (go figure) expansion programme and has either had little motivation or man power to push forward with Windows Phone development. This would explain why they've been a no-show with the China platform launch.

Not all is doom and gloom though, as the Chinese website also reports that the manufacturer has since turned things around and now sports a Windows Phone development team consisting of over 70 engineers. Huawei is also allegedly working closely with Microsoft in the states that puts the manufacturer aiming for Windows Phone 8. But if "Apollo" wasn't enough, WPDang also highlights the possible Windows 8 tablet (with LTE support) which will surely please those Lumia 900 / TITAN II speed freaks.

Should this information hold out to be reality, and Huawei is actively developing Windows Phone 8 handsets / Windows 8 tablets, it'll be interesting to see the next step from the OEM.

Source: WPDang, via: WPSauce