Huawei, who will be in attendance at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks, may have had their Windows Phone lineup plan leaked a tad early. Although the juicy device specifics may not be present, we can at least get an insight into their thinking.

The company is planning on four stages of devices with the low end starting at “youth” (presumably Android) and going up through Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The latter will be their high end phones with more innovative tricks and premium processors.

Although it may shock people Huawei can actually do some interesting things, including hooking up with Dolby for speakers, water proof phones and high resolution displays—all of which could come to the Windows Phone lineup. (Note that the images have Android screens as placeholders but it’s the WP8 labeling that is of importance here).

The Huawei Ascend W1 is evidently launching in the Netherlands soon and the company looks to offer some nice bonuses, including “three years warranty on the unit, the unit is repaired within three days and also at home picked up and delivered” in addition to an online backup service for your data.

The question remains of course what will Huawei show off, if anything, at Mobile World Congress for Windows Phone? Rumors of a 6.1” Windows Phone were verified though it is unclear if it will happen in addition to a W2 “super thin” Ascend device as well, making Huawei perhaps an interesting player yet for the Windows Phone system.

Source:; via WMPU