The Lumia 1520, nearly ten months after release, is still wooing fans around the world. Partially due to its forward-thinking hardware and its unapologetic size, owners of the six-inch phablet tend to be very proud of the gargantuan Windows Phone.

Although full of pride, many Lumia 1520 users also have a sense of humor in regards to wielding such a massive device in public. Take, for instance, the following two videos made by WPCentral Forum member nickniko, which shows some humorous benefits in owning a coveted Lumia 1520.

Nickniko comments about his Lumia 1520 experience:

"So, it has been six month and i am still in love with my Nokia Lumia 1520. It is reliable, slim and beautiful and always an eye-catcher / topic-starter whenever someone sees me holding this HUGE, gorgeous devise (sic).

"...but sometimes, they do jokingly mock and make fund (sic) of my phone, calling it a frying pan, spade for cultivating land and other diminishing metaphors! That actually pushed me to make couple of videos demonstrating that Nokia Lumia 1520 is capable of much more than just being a mere smartphone."

We will leave the videos to you to watch and enjoy as they are quite the morning chuckle.

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Source: WPCentral Forums; Thanks, Barry M., for the tip!