Hungry Crew

Released over a year ago on iOS, Hungry Crew can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a really simple game about fishing. You and your crew are stranded at sea. Save your mates by catching as many fishes as you can. You have the most powerful harpoons in store to spear your fish.

Head past the break to watch our hands on video and gameplay.

The only action required from you is a tap on the screen. The harpoon is constantly moving left and right. Click on the screen to shoot and spear your fish.

Avoid hitting tortoises. They are endangered species, so catching them ends the game.

Hungry Crew screenshot

You have a better chance of catching fish if you aim in front of where they’re heading. You need to calculate angle and the distance. You’ll get better the more you play. It’s a little addicting, so you’ll hear yourself saying, “one more” quite a few times.

Keep a close eye on the hunger meter on the upper left corner. The game ends when it becomes full. The meter on the top right corner is the fish stock. It increases as you catch more fish. It’s not really as vital as the hunger meter on the left.

At the end of the game, it’ll tell you the current score and how many fishes you’ve caught. The best score is also displayed along with the current max streak.

Hungry Crew screenshot

Hungry Crew is a free download at the Windows Phone Store, however there are in-app purchases available for faster harpoons. Unfortunately, there’s no way to earn points or coins within the game to buy the upgrades. You actually need to spend real money. The Viper harpoon costs $1.99 while the Cobra harpoon costs $3.49.

Overall, we like Hungry Crew and we think you will feel the same. Check it out and sound off in the comments!

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