Hyper Defence XT is an upcoming gaming title headed to the Windows Phone Marketplace. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at the game and found it to be an entertaining, slightly addictive tower defense game.

The premise is that you are defending Outpost 26 from invading aliens. Hyper Defence has 15 levels of play, 7 fully upgradeable turret defenses, collectable Hyper Energy power boosts, and an unlockable Survival Mode.

Game play is not unlike any other tower defense game in that you have to survive a certain number of waves in each level to advance. As you take out enemy forces, you earn credits to buy or upgrade your defenses.

Defensive placement is key (as it is with any tower defense game) and to purchase a weapon you tap, hold and drag the turret to the desired location. A green halo around the weapon indicates the location is suitable for placement. Weapons fire automatically when the enemy comes into range and to upgrade, simply tap on the weapon to pull up the upgrade menu.

Hyper Defence XT isn't too easy to become boring or too hard to become frustrating. The developer has found a good middle ground with regards to difficulty to keep the game interesting.

Hyper Defence XT is expected in the Marketplace any day now with a free trial and the full version running £.99 (about $1.60 U.S.). We'll update the post with the Marketplace links as soon as they become available. If you like tower defense games, Hyper Defence XT is worth checking out.