Hyperlight EX, an arcade space shooter that is already available on everything from Android to the Nintendo 3DS, is now up for grabs on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. With a barrage of neon colors, Hyperlight EX looks to pack plenty of intense action, bombarding you with tons of enemies and boss battles. Take a look at the game's 3DS trailer below:

Here's a quick glance at some of what you can expect from Hyperlight EX:

  • Gamepads support (recommended) or Touch controls.
  • Stunning HD graphics, rich in special effects, enemies and explosions!
  • Innovative gameplay, immediate and highly rewarding!
  • Arcade Mode with 50+ levels, 8 mid-boss stages and 4 final boss battles!
  • Infinity Mode with tons of new levels and several mid-boss stages.
  • Panic Mode with its peculiar tilt control (uses accelerometer)
  • 3 Bonus entities (Drones, Turrets and Plasma Barriers) that will help you in fighting the continuous waves of enemies.
  • 7 Bonus weapons (Bomb, Laser, Globe, Crystal, Machinegun, Missle and Virus) that will help you in pulverizing everything on the screen.
  • Global Online Leaderboads for Arcade, Infinity and Panic game modes.
  • Achievements system: 40 unlockable medals!

If arcade shooters are your thing, Hyperlight EX looks like it could be a fun romp. It's a pretty cheap investment, too, if you grab it now; its special launch price is only $0.99. If that sounds like it's up your alley, you can grab Hyperlight EX from the Windows Store now.

Download Hyperlight EX from the Windows Store