Following up on my last post about T-Mobile, here's a quick software tip: The Mobile Secretary, which is a great little piece of software developed by Brian Cross as a sort of proof-of-concept for what you can do with the .net framework.

It's main feature is to auto-send text messages to people whose call you can't answer, because you're in a meeting or whatnot. However, it has another great feature that I'm using now:

Just enter in the phone number in which to forward to, and all text messages sent to your device will be resent to the other device. There is also the option of appending the sender info to the message so that you know who it originally came from as well.

Last month I complained that "Single Number services" like GrandCentral will forward calls but not texts. Now, however, I have a great service that forwards both calls and texts: a Windows Mobile phone. That's why this is a followup to my complaint about T-Mobile - I had to switch carriers due to T-Mo's poor signal in my soon-to-be-neighborhood and I had to get a new number. The Mobile Secretary lets me hang on to my old # for a little while longer - everything that goes into that phone gets forwarded on to my new #.