Software developer Gaia srl is offering an interesting, dare I say unusual, application for Windows Phone 7. "I am a Tenor" is being offered over at the Marketplace for $1.99 and it seems to be a blend of karaoke and voice manipulation.

The karaoke comes into play because you record your voice to classic tunes such as O' Danny Boy, O' Holy Night or Beautiful Dreamer. The voice manipulation comes into play because your voice is recorded with Soprano, Tenor or Baritone effects.

The interface is straight forward. Choose a song, then your vocal tone, then record your voice. Once your done with your song, you can review the recording to see how well your pipes sounds as well as save the recording for future use.

The earbud/microphone that is packaged with most Windows Phones comes in handy with this app. While you can record your voice through the phone's microphone, you get a little better voice quality with the inline microphone. The earbud speakers are an added bonus to shield loved ones, fine crystal and stray cats should your vocal performance indicate a strong need for singing lessons.

"I am a Tenor" isn't for everyone but it does grow on you. The kids enjoyed it because it "makes your voice sound funny" and curiosity gets the best of adults.  The novelty app is mildly addictive.  I found myself re-recording songs in an attempt to sound half-way decent (a hopeless cause).

There is a trial version available to let you try before you buy.  You can find "I am a Tenor" here (opens your Zune desktop).