Can you call it a comeback when you were not really there in the first place?  That's the conundrum facing Dubai-based i-mate, who is apparently going to take yet another shot at releasing some Windows Mobile devices to astound during Mobile World Congress 2009. 

It seems as though every other trade-show or so i-mate has some devices that are actually pretty interesting in that they're offering some unique feature or another, but their stuff never seems to get as much traction as you'd think it ought, causing them to fall on some hard-ish times.  We can't divine all the reasons, but we will say there's a big gulf between creating devices on a small scale and manufacturing, distributing, and seeling them on a large scale (the master of the waters in that gulf is clearly HTC). Still, per Unwired View (who created the above mock-up), i-mate might just give us some WM6.5 action to gawk at, test out, and --one again -- not be able to purchase easily.

So to round up: We've got i-mate, already got Acer, we figure Microsoft is a safe bet, and lord knows HTC won't be able to stay away.  Who else do you think will drop some hotness at MWC09?