#IDARB, the 8-player eSport jetpack arena ball game that launched on the Xbox One earlier this year, will offer an add-on pack later this summer that will add content based on author Robert Kirkman's popular The Walking Dead and Invincible comic books.

Here's what players can expect from the add-on pack

  • Two all new arenas: an Invincible and a The Walking Dead Arena. Each arena adds new gameplay elements in the theme of the respective comic. (Walkers!)
  • All new The Walking Dead and Invincible teams, half-time games, and hashbombs!
  • New announcer calls, theme music and sound effects specific to each new arena.

A specific release date, along with a price, for the add-on pack will be announced later. However, people who are attending the Walker Stalker Fan Fest on July 10 and July 11 at Petco Park in San Diego will be able to check out an early playable version of the #IDARB pack.