AT&T this morning announced the new MOTO Q Global, which looks an awful lot like a silver Q9h.

Here's what you get in this new device:

  • A Motorola Q Global.
  • A silver Motorola Q Global.
  • A silver Motorola Q Global with Windows Mobile 6.1 installed.

Eh hem.

OK, OK. The on-board GPS now has access to AT&T Navigator, and that's a good thing.

There's no denying that the silver is pretty slick. And the Q9h is an old (and new) favorite around here. But is a new paint job on an aging workhorse really the sort of thing the foundering Moto should be turning to?

Still no oft-rumored WiFi? Not even more memory, or an upgraded processor? Never mind that if you're going to tout Windows Mobile 6.1 so hard - remember that it's available as a free download on the Q9h - you should probably show off the sliding panels in the glamour shot, which even a leaked picture managed to do.

Eh hem.

To add insult to injury, we have the following from the announcement, emphasis ours:

With a new pinstripe design accented with tasteful chrome elements and sleek metallic edging, the new Q brings a bit of class and a little something different to its users.


Don't know about you, but as much as we love the Q9h, we were feeling classy enough before this silvery little devil came into existence.