lumia 930

Even though Microsoft promoted the launch of the Lumia 930 in the UK with a free hardware wireless device bundle promotion, it might be too late to claim it as there appears to be a very limited supply of those products.

Microsoft officially launched the Lumia 930 last week with a note that from now until July 31st, folks who bought the Windows Phone 8.1 device would be able to get a wireless charger, a portable wireless speaker and £20 worth of apps for free. The bundle was worth £130 on its own.

However, the terms and conditions web page for the offer does point out that the bundle deal is "subject to availability" and as Neowin points out, some wireless providers in the UK have only a few of those bundles to go around. For example, Vodafone will only honor "the first 1,000 claims made on purchases through Vodafone sales channels." Tesco Mobile's numbers are even lower; they will only honor the first 260 claims for the wireless bundle.

The lesson of this story? When you get a chance to get a free carrot, make sure you can grab it before it goes away. Consumers in the UK who might want to take advantage of the Lumia 930 freebie offer should get their claims in ASAP if they want any chance to get the bundle.

Source: Neowin