Earlier this week, Windows Central highlighted a new app called IFTTT Maker for Cortana that let users create recipes for home automation and other mundane tasks using their voice. The app has potential and is incredibly powerful for those who like to use IFTTT's vast assortment of recipes.

Unfortunately, IFTTT took issue with the usage of 'IFTTT' in the app's name. As a result, they exercised their legal right to have the app removed from the store on copyright grounds.

That's the bad news. The good news is we have seen this before and all a publisher needs to do is remove any of the IFTTT infringing details from the name, the app and Store description. The developer behind the app, "coder()", responded on Reddit about the situation:

"Today IFTTT legal raised a complaint to MSFT and we had to pull back the app from the Store. We are going to discuss with IFTTT all the details and modify the app so no copyrights are violated and everyone is happy. We will be constantly updating you on the status."

"We are making necessary changes to the branding and the UI to also prepare it for implementing new features in the next versions that users proposed via the Feedback form. Everything should be ready early next week and the app will be back then. We will let you know when it's done."

Windows Central will keep you posted on the situation and when IFTTT Maker for Cortana returns to the store under its new name. For now, if you have the app installed, you can continue to use it. However, you won't be able to download the app until its replacement arrives.

Source: Reddit; Thanks, Aaron C, for the tip