If one thing is certain, at the end of 2013 Windows Phone users sure have a lot of choices when it comes to streaming music. Everyone has their preference and for some, it’s iHeartRadio for those unique live broadcasts.

The app was last updated in July with a 1.0 makeover for Windows Phone 8, which was well received. However, the service has had some issues with connections often failing for users, resulting in plenty of negative reviews. Today, version 1.1 is live in the Store and although there is no specific changelog, we’re getting reports from users that the app is finally working again for them.

The 1.x Windows Phone 8 version brings a doublewide Tile, Lockscreen support for now playing and over 1,500 live radio stations. Like other streaming services, users can create their own stations based off of preferences, making this a worthwhile app for many.

Have you had problems in the past with iHeartRadio and a janky connection? Give the 1.1 version a shot and see if it fixes your problems. Head here to the Store to pick up the latest iHeartRadio for Windows Phone 8.

Thanks, Gatlyn T., and Dave R., for the tips!