The official iHeartRadio app will be available for download today for Microsoft's Xbox One console. The app has been designed to give music and radio fans access to thousands of live stations from across the US.

The app will use many of the Xbox One's features, including its optional Kinect sensor:

"The iHeartRadio integration will allow gamers to utilize voice commands to navigate and control the listening experience without a controller by speaking to Kinect and specifying an action. Kinect's gesture recognition technology will also allow users to control iHeartRadio through simple hand movements including pushing motions to make selections or pulling motions to scroll through items. Plus, iHeartRadio will integrate seamlessly into Xbox One's Snap view. This will allow users to "Snap" iHeartRadio to one side of the screen, allowing them to continue listening and controlling the app even while another app or game is running in the center of the screen."

In addition to live streaming of radio stations, the app will also allow users to create their own custom station from a library over 20 million songs from 800,000 artists.

The launch of the iHeartRadio app on the Xbox One comes even as the Windows Phone version of the app has a number of issues and complaints from its users, along with others who have been unable to download the app on their device.

Source: iHeartRadio