For those waiting with bated breath for IM+...err, you still have to wait awhile. The gooder news (yeah, we just said that) is it's getting closer and it sounds like they are nearly ready to take the wraps off their multi-client IM app for Windows Phone 7:

"Folks, we know it's been a long wait. We are working hard and doing our best to release the beta of IM+ for WP7 asap. And it is almost here. We expect the first beta within 2 weeks timeframe, however ETA may vary.

Please note that due to technical and legal structure of Marketplace the beta will only be available for registered developers devices. We'll be back with updates on beta release shortly. Thank you for understanding."

Okay, you know the rule: we hate when companies constantly delay things, but we forgive them when they keep us abreast of their inner happenings. So you have your stay, ShapeServices. Now lets just hope they deliver a solid product. Our bet is that they will.

On a related note: Flory IM is no longer available in the U.S. Marketplace. We're working on finding out why.

Source: IM+ Facebook; Thanks, Alan P., for the heads up