Indigo Windows Phone

IM+, the popular multi-client instant messaging app and Indigo, the personal voice assistant, have both received updates today.

What’s new? We hope to find out.

IM+ and Windows Phone 8, booya

IM+ for Windows Phone 8

IM+, which was just recently on sale for Windows RT, has received some updates for their free and pro versions of the app. Version for both releases is now available and features the following changes:

  • Lockscreen notifications on Windows Phone 8
  • Portuguese localization
  • Option to automatically set "Away" status when IM+ is in Push
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

We’ve also heard from reader techiez that there is some 7.8 support in there as well, but we have not been able to verify just yet.

The addition of Lockscreen notifications is obviously a huge feature, as any messaging app needs to give that option to users to be truly effective (you hear that, Kik?). We’re kind of psyched to start using it again, especially since we picked up the Windows RT one on sale this weekend and we could imagine both will play nice on our new hardware.

You can pick up IM+ (free) here and IM+ Pro ($4.99) here in the Windows Phone Store.



Indigo beta also bumped

We’re not actually sure what changed in Indigo, the new and pretty awesome voice-controlled personal assistant, but we’re pretty sure it falls under “performance enhancements and bug fixes” as no new features are evident.

Indigo, which is available on multiple platforms and can share information thru your account to numerous devices, launched just last week but it looks like the devs are on top of keeping it in tip-top shape, as this is the second update since release.

Version is now live in the Store and Windows Phone 8 users can pick it up here. Thanks, Oxymoron428, for the tip!

QR: Indigo