Good news for users of IM+ (both the Pro and free versions), you can now update to v1.6. The new version brings some pretty cool new features that we're liking a lot. Via their Facebook page:

  • Send photo option
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Spanish, German, French, Italian language support

The send photo option is what it sounds like--you select a photo, it sends, they receive a in-chat bubble that they tap to open the photo. Worked like a charm for us. The "message delivery confirmation" is even nicer--now when you send a message, the bubble is yellow till it's received by the user, at which point it goes green in color. That's a great addition and gives a little peace of mind.

*Remember, this version does not have MSN/Live Messenger--so if you're still on v1.2, do not upgrade if you want to keep that feature.

This is still the NoDo version though and we can expect update soon: "Mango support will come to IM+ along with the official release of Mango. Thank you for understanding!"--so hopefully next week sometime? If one app could really benefit from fast-app resume, it's IM programs. We can't wait. Get IM+ Pro in the Marketplace here.